Mobile Money Ecosystem in Somalia

Thematic Extension

The Thematic Extension provides disaggregated indicators for populations that were not included in the First Wave of Mobile Money Ecosystem research in Somalia. Building on the previous study, Altai Consulting carried out another research in 2018, which employed mixed methods and included collecting demand and supply side data. In particular, a quantitative demand-side research was conducted through a household survey to explore how mobile money was used in connection with the 2015-2018 drought, as an example of climatic shocks affecting the country. The survey interviewed over 1,000 respondents in all economic zones, with teams collecting data in urban, rural, IDP and nomadic areas.

The thematic extension seeks to understand how mobile money has been used by vulnerable groups, focusing on displaced populations, nomads, and women. It examines the barriers that may be preventing mobile money from having a greater impact, particularly for the most vulnerable. It also explores the effect that the wide uptake of mobile money has had on gender dynamics, behaviors within households and within the community. Finally, the research also delved into issues related to ID and KYC processes and fraud affecting mobile money services.