Mobile Money Ecosystem in Somalia

Perceptions on Mobile Money

The majority of Somalis perceive mobile money services as convenient, fast, trustworthy and meeting their needs, to a larger extent than conventional banks. Indeed, 93% of mobile money subscribers are very satisfied or quite satisfied with mobile money services. Nevertheless, 12% of the population thinks mobile money services are not trustworthy and some do not trust the system, because it remains largely unregulated. Among mobile money transfers, bank transfers and Hawala, Somalis think that mobile money transfers are simpler to use, simpler to register, faster and easier to physically access, but less safe with regards to the safety of the money and of less value for money. About 90% of Somalis would be also interested in mobile money services offered in Shilling, as many believe this would reinforce the local currency. The share is slightly higher in Puntland and South Central, while it is also higher for IDPs and urban populations than for rural populations.

Financial actors are trustworthy
Financial actors are meeting your needs
Satisfaction of mobile services by mobile money subscribers / banking services by bank account owners
Perceptions on the ease to cash out
Interest in mobile money being available in Shillings
Interest in availability of mobile money services in Shillings
Advantages by type of service
Disadvantages by type of service