Mobile Money Ecosystem in Somalia

Domestic Transfers

Somalis have embraced mobile money services as the most common method for transferring money domestically, making purchases and paying bills. For instance, 69% of the population send or receive money through their own account, with an additional 11% using over-the-counter transactions, while slightly less than a third uses Hawala money transfers and only 9% use cash. Among those who pay utility bills, 66% use mobile money to pay their bills (versus 30% who pay in cash at the service provider’s branch and 25% who pay in cash to the bill collector). Of those who receive salaries/allowances, 46% receive it directly on their mobile money account (versus 22% in cash).

Methods of domestic transfers
Sending money domestically – Frequency of use and amounts transferred
Methods to make payments
Methods for paying bills
People who receive a salary
Methods for receiving a salary